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We are able to supply & fit fixed, swan neck & detachable to all makes & models of vehicles where towbars are available.

Having a towbar fitted is now no easy task, gone are the days of bolting a ball on the bumper & connecting the wires with a few scothlocks, vehicles are now fitted with sophiscated wiring, which provides some super safety features like TSP Short for Trailer Stability Program, having a deciated wiring loom allows these function to be used. We will only fit deciated looms to new modern vehicles, emliating the risk of a damaged vehicle wiring loom or invaildating the Vehicle warranty. 

We can Supply & fit Towbar by: Bosal, Westfaila, Witter, PCT & OEM

We use deciated looms by: Right Connections, ECS, Westfalia & OEM

We also supply & fit motorhome towbars made by ALKO/Swaiko & we use deciated wiring looms where necessary.