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Floor Delamanation

Caravan & motorhome floors can be become delaminated which feels spongey when walked on. We normally find delamination occurs around the entrance door & kitchens areas

Delamanation occurs when the sandwich construction of the floor seperates, most floors are constructed using a plywood for the bottom layer, polystrene/styrofoam inner with timber battens  & a top layer of plywood which is all bonded together with a PUR Adhesive. Delamanation can occur due to water ingress, liquid spills, heavy traffic/long term use. It is best to be repaired as soon as it found as it does spread & the worse it becomes the less conventional repairs can be used & more extensive repairs must be undertaken to repair the damaged floor area.

We can repair the damaged floor if caught early by injecting the damaged area with a specially formulated repair adhesive, this can be carried out from the inside or from the underneath which is the best for vehicles fitted with lino/vinyl flooring. The repair usally takes 2-3days to carry out all repairs are carried out in our workshop which is temperature controlled which allows the repair adhesive to set correctly.


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